A good theme for a personal page. Includes: * Header with avatar, short bio and social links * simple, blog and modular templates * multilang support
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name: "Personal"
version: "0.0"
description: "Personal is a Grav theme suited for a personal presentation page."
icon: "clipboard"
name: "Etienne Werly"
email: "etienne@moqueur.chat"
url: "https://etienne.moqueur.chat"
homepage: "https://git.moqueur.chat/etienne/grav-theme-personal.git"
demo: "https://etienne.moqueur.chat"
keywords: ["bootstrap", "theme", "cv", "resume", "responsive", "html5", "css3", "jquery", "github"]
docs: "https://git.moqueur.chat/etienne/grav-theme-personal.git"
bugs: "https://git.moqueur.chat/etienne/grav-theme-personal.git"
license: "MIT/GPL"
validation: strict